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JOOLA – Vision CGS 16 Pickleball Paddle

JOOLA – Vision CGS 16
Brand: JOOLA
Category: Paddles
  • Core

    Reactive Honeycomb

  • Surface

    Carbon Grip

  • Weight (Standard)

    7.8 oz.

  • Skill Level

    Beginner to Pro

  • Year


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JOOLA Vision CGS 16: Our Review

First Impressions

Hey there, it’s Vincent from PickleballGearUp, and today we’re reviewing the JOOLA Vision paddle. This paddle comes with a unique carbon grip surface and a thickness of 16 millimeters. What immediately stands out is its lightweight compared to other JOOLA paddles, which makes it an intriguing option.

Comparative Analysis

Though the paddle features a carbon grip surface, I found myself pondering the difference between this carbon abrasion and carbon friction. The paddle’s grip doesn’t extend all the way to the lower part, but if you’re aiming for the sweet spot, this shouldn’t bother you.

Power Factor

Despite its light weight, this paddle does not compromise on power. In particular, I found that it’s excellent for dinking and provides excellent control. Interestingly, it seems to produce less ball dust compared to other carbon paddles, but retains a sufficiently grippy surface.


The JOOLA Vision is visually striking, with a longer and more elongated shape. It comes with the standard stock grip, but also features an overlay grip with ridges, providing a firm and comfortable hold.

User Experience

I’ve played with this paddle for a few weeks now, and I can confidently say that it has had a positive impact on my game. The softness of the paddle has significantly improved my 3rd shot drops and controlled shots. Despite its light weight, the JOOLA Vision generates a lot of spin, something I appreciate in a paddle. However, do note that overhead smash shots may not be as powerful as they used to be.


Many of you have been asking, “Should I choose the 14mm or 16mm JOOLA Vision?” Coming from a 15mm Head paddle, I decided to go with the 14mm Vision and I’m extremely pleased. It provides the ‘pop’ I enjoy on forehand drives and slams, while offering better control than my previous paddle. The 5.5″ handle is a nice feature for those who prefer a longer grip.


Overall, the JOOLA Vision has exceeded my expectations. I’d say it’s an excellent choice if you’re seeking a lighter paddle that offers both power and control. Its unique design and features make it stand out in the pickleball paddle market.

JOOLA Vision CGS 16: Specs


Year 2023
Skill Level Beginner to Pro
Pros 🟢 Powerful
🟢 Spin-increasing
🟢 Maneuverable
🟢 Low-impact
🟢 Grippy
Cons 🔴 Heavy
🔴 Slippery (due to the Carbon Grip Surface)
🔴 Short-handled
🔴 Costly


Core Reactive Honeycomb
Surface Carbon Grip
Medium Weight 7.8 oz.
Edge Guard Enhanced edge guard protection


Paddle Length 16.4″
Paddle Width 7.3″
Core Thickness 14mm or 16mm


Grip Length 5.5″
Grip Style Ridge
Grip Circumference 4.25″

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