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JOOLA – Essentials Pickleball Paddle

JOOLA – Essentials
Brand: JOOLA
Category: Paddles
  • Core

    Response Honeycomb

  • Surface

    Reinforced Fiberglass

  • Weight (Standard)

    8.2 oz.

  • Skill Level

    Beginner to Intermediate

  • Year


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JOOLA Essentials: Our Review

First Impressions

The JOOLA Essentials is a beginner-level paddle that stands out for its higher-end features, despite its affordable price of $60. As the official paddle sponsor of world #1 pickleball player, Ben Johns, and the PPA Tour, JOOLA brings over 70 years of innovation and leadership in table tennis to the world of pickleball.

Power Factor

The JOOLA Essentials stands out with its well-balanced power and control. The paddle effectively absorbs pace, preventing excessive power returns on bigger swingsβ€”an ideal trait for beginners. Still, it does not compromise on power, providing a good punch for offensive plays. Thanks to its textured surface, it also has a higher spin rating, which offers enhanced control and can be crucial in competitive play.


The JOOLA Essentials scores high in aesthetics. Its clean design, combined with JOOLA’s strong reputation, gives players more confidence on the court. While the handle is somewhat slim and on the shorter side, it can be modified to suit your preferences with grip replacements or over-grips. However, its white color may attract dirt over time.

User Experience

Featuring reinforced fiberglass layers and a response polypropylene honeycomb core, the JOOLA Essentials paddle weighs about 8 ounces on average. This comfortable weight contributes to a better feel and increased stability during play. Its multi-layered face enhances forgiveness on off-center hits, providing an overall better feel and experience. The paddle also features Sure-Grip technology, offering a perforated anti-slip ridge grip that reduces moisture and increases shock absorption.


  • Is the JOOLA Essentials paddle suitable for beginners?
    Yes, the JOOLA Essentials paddle is an excellent choice for beginners. Its ability to absorb pace and reduce pop-ups helps new players to learn control and improve their game.

  • Does the JOOLA Essentials paddle provide enough power for beginners?
    Although the JOOLA Essentials doesn’t have a high power rating, it offers sufficient power for beginner-level play. As players progress, they might want to opt for a paddle that provides more power.

  • Is the JOOLA Essentials paddle durable?
    Constructed with multiple facing layers of fiberglass, the JOOLA Essentials paddle is durable. Its enhanced edge guard protection further strengthens the solidity of the paddle core and helps prevent the surface from delaminating.


The JOOLA Essentials paddle proves to be a high-quality choice for beginners stepping into the world of pickleball. Offering a balance of control and power, and superior build quality, this paddle is more than worth its slightly higher price. This combination of performance and durability makes it an excellent investment for any aspiring pickleball player. I hope this review helps you make an informed decision.

JOOLA Essentials: Specs


Year 2022
Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate
Pros 🟒 Poppy
🟒 Durable
🟒 Forgiving
🟒 Lightweight
🟒 Aesthetic
Cons πŸ”΄ Short-handed
πŸ”΄ Coverless
πŸ”΄ Non-inclusive (not suitable for all skill levels)


Core Response Honeycomb
Surface Reinforced Fiberglass
Medium Weight 8.2 oz.
Edge Guard Enhanced edge guard


Paddle Length 15.5β€³
Paddle Width 7.9β€³
Core Thickness 12mm


Grip Length 4.75β€³ (12cm)
Grip Style Ridge
Grip Circumference 4β€³

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