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Selkirk – Amped Epic Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk – Amped Epic
Brand: Selkirk
Category: Paddles
  • Core

    X5 Polymer honeycomb

  • Surface

    FiberFlex (fiberglass)

  • Weight (Standard)

    7.9-8.4 oz.

  • Skill Level

    Beginner to Pro

  • Year


Selkirk Amped Epic: Offers On Amazon

Selkirk Amped Epic: Our Review

First Impressions

The Amped Epic by Selkirk makes an immediate impression, unlike any paddle I’ve used before. It’s softer and offers an unmatched level of control, regardless of whether I’m playing Dinks, drops, or drop volleys. It’s the X5 fiber flex technology and its slightly thicker polymer core that provides this unique touch.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to the original Epic paddle, it’s the enhanced thickness that stands out. The Amped version, with its advanced cushioning technology, is slightly thicker, offering a softer, more comfortable playing experience akin to the difference between using a thick vs. thin pillow. This extra thickness also results in a much quieter paddle, a feature that communities concerned with noise levels would appreciate.

Power Factor

The Amped Epic doesn’t compromise on power. Despite its increased control, I noticed that whether I was serving, playing a third shot drive, or executing a smash, the ball flew off this paddle with great intensity. It’s the combination of power and control that truly sets this paddle apart.


Selkirk’s reputation for creating attractive paddles holds true with the Amped Epic. Its graphics and colors are visually appealing. While the look of a paddle doesn’t impact gameplay, there’s a certain satisfaction in using a paddle that is as good-looking as it is effective.

User Experience

Regular users of the Amped Epic have found it to be instrumental in improving their game. The paddle’s wide body is perfect for blocking, and the longer handle offers additional control. It delivers a great combination of power, control, and playability, and many users consider it the best paddle they’ve ever used.


Having experienced the Amped Epic by Selkirk, it’s clear why it’s gaining such popularity. It’s a paddle that provides power, precision, and a soft, quiet playing experience. Its striking looks only add to its appeal. This paddle is a game-changer, suitable for everyone from recreational players to professionals. If you’re as amped about the Amped Epic as I am, why not get one for yourself?

Selkirk Amped Epic: Specs


Year 2021
Skill Level Beginner to Pro
Pros 🟢 Controllable
🟢 Speedy
🟢 Spinnable
🟢 Well-weighted
Cons 🔴 Overpriced
🔴 Fragile-handle
🔴 Dead-spots


Core X5 Polymer honeycomb
Surface FiberFlex (fiberglass)
Medium Weight 7.9-8.4 oz.
Light Weight 7.3-7.8 oz.
Edge Guard Low-profile vinyl edge trim


Paddle Length 15 3/4″
Paddle Width 8″
Core Thickness 9/16″


Grip Length 5 1/4″
Grip Style Perforated cushion
Grip Circumference 4″ (Thin Grip) 4 1/4″ (Medium) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″

Selkirk Amped Epic: Video Reviews