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HEAD – Cyber Elite Pickleball Paddle

HEAD – Cyber Elite
Brand: HEAD
Category: Paddles
  • Core

    Polypropylene Honeycomb

  • Surface


  • Weight (Standard)

    8.1 oz. (230 Grams)

  • Skill Level

    Beginner to Intermediate

  • Year


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HEAD Cyber Elite: Our Review

First Impressions

The HEAD Cyber Elite pickleball racquet immediately impresses with its high-quality build and recognizable brand name. It’s an ideal replacement for no-name, beginner paddles and offers a smooth, responsive fiberglass hitting surface. The racquet’s lightweight and solid construction allows for quick returns and fast-paced gameplay. It provides an excellent upgrade from a beginner paddle without breaking the bank.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to beginner paddles, the HEAD Cyber Elite offers more power, a larger sweet spot, and significantly less vibration. It’s lighter and provides better control, especially thanks to its slightly textured face and honeycomb core structure. It holds its own against more expensive paddles and could be characterized as an intermediate-level racquet with an intermediate price.

Power Factor

The HEAD Cyber Elite doesn’t compromise on power. The fiberglass surface, combined with the honeycomb core, ensures powerful, vibration-free volleys and returns. The paddle’s design and materials contribute to a solid feel and faster paddle-speed, enhancing power without sacrificing control.


The HEAD Cyber Elite pickleball paddle boasts of a sleek design that stands out on the court. It has a smooth face and a comfortable, ergonomic handle that aids in playability. The design is not just about aesthetics; it contributes to the overall performance and feel of the paddle.

User Experience

Users of the HEAD Cyber Elite have praised its comfortable foam handle and lightweight composite build. They’ve noted an improvement in their game, attributing it to the paddle’s larger sweet spot and power. Its durability and resistance to wear and tear are also commended, making it suitable for beginners to intermediate players and even for those venturing into league play.


Having experienced the HEAD Cyber Elite pickleball racquet, it’s clear why it’s a popular choice for players moving beyond the beginner stage. It provides a balance of power and control with a solid, reliable feel. This racquet is a worthwhile investment for those serious about the game but not ready to spend a fortune on top-tier paddles.

HEAD Cyber Elite: Specs


Year 2022
Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate
Pros 🟢 Long-handled
🟢 Well-balanced
🟢 Affordable
🟢 Lightweight
Cons 🔴 Insufficient control for dinks and resets


Core Polypropylene Honeycomb
Surface Graphite
Medium Weight 8.1 oz. (230 Grams)
Edge Guard ¼” overlapping paddle face


Paddle Length 16″ (408 mm)
Paddle Width 7 7/8″ (199 mm)
Core Thickness 1/2″ (13.0 mm)


Grip Length 5″
Grip Style Ergo Grip
Grip Circumference 4 1/8″ (10.2 cm)

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